We dont believe holidays should start in the supermarket!!

We know when you have been travelling ( even if its domestically ) you will have been up for hours, up early to get to the airport, sit around and wait to board ( hopefully you wont get delayed !!) flying time then the transfer to your accommodation .. im sure the last thing you really feel like doing is dragging yourself and your family around the supermarket.

Wouldnt you rather throw on your shorts, grab a cold drink and throw yourself in the pool .. i know i would

We decided we wanted to provide a service to our customers, not just shop your groceries and then leave them at reception or dump them in your room

We pride ourselves in unpacking your groceries and arranging them in the fridge and pantry, and providing those little touches like chilling your wine glasses

We use regular supermarkets for your non perishables, but we like to use local suppliers for all of our fresh produce

We have a good relationship with our award winning butcher,and we eat his meat too !!, our local produce is supplied by our local farmers from the Tablelands, not transported for hours in vehicles.

We only supply goods that we would eat ourselves, if for any reason we cannot find an item we will replace it with a suitable substitute not just offer you a credit we know how frustrating it can be when you plan a meal only to find the main ingredient is missing ! especially when you are in that lovely holiday house sitting right on the beach miles from your nearest supermarket !!


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